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Now more than ever, the need to manage a potentially volatile environment is important. Control and eradication of COVID-19 is no longer localized to high touch areas such as phones, keyboards, door handles and other shared apparatus and surfaces. The necessity for disinfection and sterilization has become a fundamental requirement for all facilities where human presence is required or has access. 

The only effective approach today is the sterilization and decontamination of complete environments simultaneously. 

We can help. 


Use of State of the Art Bacteria Meter

sanitation monitoring system

Better technology in a smaller box. SystemSURE Plus uses a state-of-the-art Photodiode sensor technology that enables superior sensitivity and stability over bulky Photomultiplier Tube (PMT) sensors.  

Complete sanitization and disinfectant - to hospital standard

Whole space decontamination however remains the most effective way to manage a potentially volatile environment. Utilizing state of the art equipment and professionally trained personnel, Wipeout Specialty Cleaning is uniquely positioned to ensure a safe and virtually non-communicable workspace for both employees and customers. 

Use of government registered products

Wipeout uses a speciality, government approved anti-viral solution that is “fogged” or misted onto all surfaces.

Wipeout’s products are accompanied by Health Canada approved Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Drug Information Numbers (DIN) which are  government registered as not only effective in the elimination of viral contaminants but are also safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

*All disinfectants that have a drug identification number (DIN) have been approved for sale in Canada. While most disinfectants will work against coronavirus, the following list of hard-surface disinfectants are supported by evidence following drug review, demonstrating that they are likely to be effective and may be used against SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. 


Fast and non-intrusive Service

With an average dry time of 10 minutes (dependant on surface type) Wipeouts’ specific dedicated sanitization equipment allows almost immediate re-entry to the treated area, with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have used the best provider, the most sophisticated equipment and the same solutions widely used within the food industry & medical profession. 

Recently Wipeout recently sanitized a 3 Level 25,000 Square foot Hamilton Property in approximately 3 Hours and the premises was available for re-entry post treatment 30 minutes per area.

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